LTE: Met Council bigger threat than climate

To the editor,
In the waning hours of his term, President Obama granted expanded control to regional authorities around the nation through the Federal Transit Authority. What this means is that our Metropolitan Council now has the green light to control more of our region. The council recently told the Minnesota Legislature that they have control over Wright and Sherburne counties and are in need of a higher operating budget. In fact, looking forward some 20 years, the council has even more expansion plans in place. Larger regions of control are in play, even crossing state lines. This usurpation of power from city, county and state government is unacceptable. The Congressional Review Act allows Congress to “look back” and reverse presidential edicts for a period of 60 business days. Contact your state national representatives if you feel this needs to be reversed.

In another significant revelation, whistleblowers from National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration have come forth to assert that their director, Thomas Karl, altered data over the “pause” in global warming. Attempting to add credibility to Obama’s “Clean Power Plan” for the 2013 UN IPCC conference on climate change, temperature data was modified. The intent was to show climatic temperatures were rising between 1998 and 2012 and not leveling off.

Retired NOAA scientist John Bates has come forward to testify to a Senate committee. Efforts by the committee to obtain cooperation from NOAA have been largely ignored thus far. Also this is not the first time allegations have been made for falsifying data from a variety of sources. This is significant because this is how government creates policies to address problems – which don’t exist. This is why we get legislation for wind farms, solar gardens which result in increased utility bills.

What is certain however, is that there are a lot of swamps to drain.

Joe Polunc