LTE: Progressives seek to impose values on all

To the editor,
Progressives are regressive.

Progressives, no matter how they tell it, are against America as we know it. America has been the leader of freedom and liberty more than any other country in history. The progressives do not like that and want to change it. When Obama was inaugurated in 2009, many of us could not believe that this progressive socialist had been elected. Each time Obama was elected we accepted the results and went to work.

When Donald Trump was elected, the progressives rioted. On Inauguration Day, they disrupted anything that had to do with America as we once knew it. They continue to disrupt life in these United States because they are not getting their way. For most of them they think they are above the law and if another does not believe like they do then they are the enemy. Progressives are open-minded as long as they make the decision on what the mind is to be open about.

As time goes, progressives will infiltrate areas all over our country. They come off as one of us, but wait until they get a foothold. Our Constitution and Declaration of Independence are anathema to them. Our Declaration states “among these are Life, Liberty and the Pursuit of Happiness.” Progressives are here to tell us what our life and liberty are and what we can pursue for happiness.

They tell us that you cannot have faith to know how the world was created – you must look to their kind of science. When the transgender issue comes up and science tells you that there are biological markers that confirm that no matter how you change the plumbing a man is still man and a woman still a woman, the progressive now says science is wrong. They used to believe that marriage was an institution between a man and a woman. Then they changed their definition of marriage. (My definition remains intact).

They look at our history with slavery and condemn us for it but, they do not look at the world history that shows nearly all nations and countries have had slavery. The United States, with its Judeo Christian beliefs and ethics, eliminated slavery under an effective yet controversial president. The United States has done more for the people of the world for freedom and liberty than any other nation in history – just ask Korea, Germany, France, and any other U.S. liberated countries. Progressives plan on changing our freedoms and liberties. Beware.

The United States has had its share of injustices, but when it comes to the world stage we may not be the best, but we are surely better than the rest.

Paul Silseth
Young America Township