Man hospitalized following fight at Watertown bar

By Staff Reports

A man has been hospitalized with a life-threatening head injury following an incident at a Watertown bar on Friday night, according to the Carver County Sheriff’s Office.

According to the sheriff’s office, deputies responded to a report of a fight at Riverside Bar at 11:23 p.m. on Friday, Feb. 17. When deputies arrived, they found the victim – later identified as Derrick Douglas Sommerfeld, 32, of Bloomington – unconscious in the street. Sommerfeld was surrounded by a group of people who were attempting to administer first aid. Sommerfeld was ultimately transported to Hennepin County Medical Center with a life-threatening head injury.

Deputies began investigating by asking about the location of the alleged assailant, to which they were told that Sommerfeld had not been assault, but had simply fallen in the street. According to the sheriff’s office, deputies then closed the bar to secure the scene and served a search warrant to review video evidence at the bar.

Deputies spoke to witnesses who said that Sommerfeld had been assaulted by one of his siblings. According to witnesses, Sommerfeld and his sibling were fighting when the suspect – Jarod William Worth, 36, of Otsego – punched Sommerfeld and rendered him unconscious.

According to the sheriff’s office, Worth’s shirt had been ripped and stained with blood during the incident. Worth changed into a clean shirt provided by the bartender, and then left the scene. He returned to the scene a short while later, approached a deputy and acknowledged his involvement in a physical altercation.

Worth was arrested on charges of first degree assault and transported to the Carver County Jail. The incident remains under investigation by the sheriff’s office.