LTE: Bad behavior of elected officials at party meeting

To the editor,
On Saturday, Feb. 11, I witnessed despicable behavior from elected officials at our Carver County Republican Convention. Vicki Ernst, who has worked tirelessly for the Republican Party for more than 27 years, was running for the chair position.

She collaborated with Sen. Scott Jensen and Rep. Jim Nash in District 47 because they seem to have the most complaints, so she had a vision to repair and put into action a plan that would address these challenges.

She has worked for months putting a team together to expand and grow the Republican Party. She followed all the rules and processes that were communicated to all delegates and alternates.

When it came time to approve the rules of the convention, one of Sen. Jensen’s surrogates made a successful and unusual move to gain a rule change that enabled Sen. Jensen to nominate [Chanhassen mayor] Denny Laufenburger, which meant the members that followed the rules to come before the nominating (qualifications) committee no longer applied, so one could be nominated from the floor.

Sen. Jensen nominated Laufenburger from the floor, which by the way is highly unusual for a senator to get involved at the grassroots level such as this. Laufenburger did not follow the initial rules and process that were put in place.

This was their strategy and their plan – to undermine many of the hard-working Republicans in Carver County. Mr. Laufenburger slid in and was elected by the Jensen delegates. It appears as though this is about power and control. Shame on you, Sen. Jensen and Mr. Laufenburger. This move is about elected officials gaining power and control and is a “huge” loss to the Republican party and I’m disgusted with our elected officials and Mr. Laufenburger. The seats in St. Paul that our elected officials occupy belong to “We The People,” not the other way around. And now they want to control the grass roots organization as well. Is this what “We The People” want from our elected officials? I think not.

Carolyn Hoernemann
Norwood Young America