Cologne Council looks to go paperless

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by Adam Gruenewald
[email protected]

Like many other cities in the area, Cologne council members are looking to go paperless with regards to their meetings.
As discussed during their regular meeting on Monday, Feb. 21, council members were in favor of moving forward with tablets but wanted a narrower options list.
City Administrator Jesse Dickson, who had raised the option previously, said the tablets would save money long-term as they spend an estimated $2,055.36 annually on printing council packets.
“I got to thinking we could go with again and start trying to go paperless to save money long-term,” said Dickson, adding there are significant upfront cost with not only the tablets but software as well.
Council members reviewed the specifications of several different tablets, but requested that Dickson narrow the options to smaller-sized tablets at a maximum cost of $550, such as a $399 iPad Air 2 which has a 9.7 inch screen size.
“Most of them seemed to support the idea,” said Dickson. “They wanted to kind of pair it down. They made a motion for me to continue looking into this.”
In other news, Cologne council members also heard from Carver County Administrator David Hemze and Commissioner Jim Ische regarding the proposed sales tax and wheelage tax suggest by the county to pay for roads.
“Their generally feeling was that obviously we are highly affected by Highway 212,” said Dickson. “If a sales tax increase can make 212 happen, they are supportive of that idea.”
Dickson said council members will review and vote on a support resolution at the next meeting.
Council members and Dickson also reached an agreement on an employer contract that will give the council and Dickson a more longer security rather than have an agreement based on yearly reviews.
“I wanted a little bit of security there,” said Dickson, adding he wishes to remain in Cologne. “That’s my intention anyway.”
Notably, the fitness center floor replacement will take place March 20 to 24.
The Cologne City Council will next meet at 7 p.m. on Monday, March 6.
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