LTE: Republican convention process draws ire

To the editor,
After reading [about the Carver County Republican Convention] and the well-written letter to the editor by Carolyn Hoermemann, I was outraged. After initial disgust, I started researching the events at the Carver County Republican Convention. I reached out to folks in Carver County, Chanhassen, and Republican leadership — among them Mayor Denny Laufenberger, Sen. Scott Jensen, deputy chair Vicki Ernst and outgoing chair Vince Beaudette.

After having conversations or email exchanges with all of them, I concluded that everything that Ms. Horenemann energetically explained in her letter is indeed true. There were multiple reasons for my disgust, and they can be categorized by two main points: Overreach and deception. First, the overreach: The term “grass roots” in politics is called that for a reason. It starts with the foot soldiers on the ground, not the elected representatives. I was told that it is very unusual that an elected representative would be so involved in this process. So, not only did one elected official proceed to spearhead this rule change, he personally nominated another elected official, Mayor Laufenberger — double wammy.

Secondly, the deception factor: Laufenburger was quoted in the article as saying he went to the convention with the intention of running for a state delegate, but said he was convinced to run for local party chair on Saturday. Jensen said he wasn’t aware that Denny(Laufenburger) was open to running for the position until Saturday. I do not believe either of their statements.

The rule change for the subsequent nomination was purposely to undermine Ms. Ernst who has been a loyal Republican leader for over 27 years. Conversations with these elected officials took place well before the convention with full intent of undermining Ms Ernst and causing deception. I think our elected officials are watching too many “The West Wing” reruns on Netflix. For the love of God, why can’t you just be honest?
I believe the result of all of this will have consequences.

First, Laufenburger takes over a now highly divide Republican Party in Carver County. I would bet Dr. Jensen will now have an opponent in the primary of his next race. I believe Laufenburger will now have a strong candidate running against him if he chooses to run again for mayor – I would start saving money for extra yard signs.

Mark Page