LTE: Winning, losing part of elections at all levels

To the editor,
Several weeks ago, local Republicans held a biennial organizational meeting. A vetting committee selected by the executive board had previously composed a slate to fill the four open officer positions. When the convention was called to order, some delegates wanted to have nominations from the floor added to the proposed slate of nominees. This allows people to run for an office even though they may not have been vetted by the vetting committee. I supported this option, and it was approved by the delegates by a 62 – 46 vote.

As a delegate from Laketown, I nominated Denny Laufenburger, a well-known community leader and mayor of Chanhassen, who had announced that morning that he was willing to running for chairperson. I favored Laufenburger because he is talented in working with people of differing opinions and his involvement with the Ryder Cup tournament and the Paisley Park Museum are examples of his leadership experience. There were other nominations from the floor also, and only one of the officer positions went uncontested.

Sen. David Osmek chaired the convention, and three of the four people on the slate were elected along with Laufenburger.

My thanks to the exiting officers – Vince Beaudette, Vicki Ernst, John Nauman, and John Kunitz – for their hard work and longstanding efforts.

Elections are an important part of our democracy and provide opportunity for change. The painful reality that winning or losing are both possible outcomes is part of that process.

Scott Jensen
Laketown Township
GOP delegate
Senator, District 47