LTE: Proposed gun laws don’t make us safer

To the editor,
This letter is to commend and support the position taken by a writer in her letter to the editor in your March 23, 2017 edition of The Patriot. The legislative bills, sponsored by District 47 A Representative Jim Nash (HF 238:SF 292 “Stand Your Ground” and HF 188/309: ST649/650 “Permitless Carry”) potentially endanger the lies of innocent people and do nothing to further ensure the safety of law-abiding gun owners.

As the writer’s letter states, neither Florida’s nor Missouri’s Stand Your Ground laws (successfully used by George Zimmerman to avoid conviction of the murder of Trayvon Martin, one of numerous innocent, unarmed, black teenagers shot and killed in recent years), have not resulted in a safer environment for citizens: 32 percent increase in firearm homicides and 23 perscen, respectively, in these two states (per Moms Demand Action (MDA), a nationwide organization which advocated for Sensible Gun Sense in America.)

Current law allows the use of deadly force ONLY if there is no way to retreat safely or if you are in your own home AND the shooter reasonable believes his/her life is in danger. The proposed Stand Your Ground law would allow use of deadly force anywhere, anytime a person subjectively believes his/her life to be threatened – EVEN if there’s a clear and safe way to avoid the danger. Is this not troublesome to you? It certainly is, to me.

In support of his Stand Your Ground bill, Mr. Nash has stated that he believes it is his “right” to protect himself and his family. No one is arguing with that “right.” However, it is also his responsibility to see that legislation promoting his “right” does not infringe upon others’ rights not to be attacked or killed because the person feeling threatened is racist or misinterprets another’s presence and/or intent.

Regarding the Permitless Carry bill sponsored by Jim Nash: other than adhering to more NRA propaganda, what’s the point? Current law requires anyone who wishes to carr a firearm in public to complete safety training and pass a background check before they’re granted a permit. Makes sense, right? We are required to take driver training and obtain a driver’s license as a pre-requisite to operating motor vehicles on public roads, are we not? The Permitless Carry bill would eliminate these kinds of safety precautions- essentially allowing anyone who owns a firearm (even teens) to carry it, loaded or not, in public without a permit.

Antoerh house Bill (HF 469) proposes legislation re gun ownership also seeks to have Lifetime Permits issued. his bill would make concealed carry permits valid for life– no expiration date– and would eliminate current law provisions requiring applicants to complete training courses every five years. This means that a permit holder who develops a mental health issue or other reason for not being able to handle a firearm safely, would still be allowed to carry a loaded firearm in public.

Some may consider these concerns much ado about nothing. However, if you or one of your loved ones is the victim of gun violence, you most certainly would feel differently, would you not? Further, legislation that regulates fun ownership and use is not endangering Second Amendment right. This Amendment clearly states “A ‘well-regulated’ militia being necessary to the security of a free State, the right of the people to keep and bear Arms, shall not be infringed.” Opposition to the currently proposed laws does nothing to “infringe on anyone’s “right to bear arms.”

Readers: please consider the implications of these Bills and contact Rep. Jim Nash (651)296-4282 to urge him to withdraw his Stand Your Ground and Permitless Cary Bills and to vote No on the Lifetime Permits bill.

You may also want to urge Mr. Nash to engage in studying, researching and supporting issues of more significance to All of his constituency, such as education, affordable housing, housing for the homeless, pollution of our lakes and streams, potential pollution of our aquifers by sulfide mining, poential ruin of BWCA by corporate mining, the importance of local municipal conrol of minimum wage, making voter registration easier (not more difficult) for ALL eligible voters- to name just a few really important issues

Glenda Noble