County plans public hearing on transit funding

On April 18, the Carver County Board of Commissioners will hold a public hearing for a half-percent local option sales tax and $20 vehicle excise fee for specific transportation projects. The county will also consider an increase in the wheelage tax of up to $20 per vehicle for transportation purposes.

“We’ve been meeting with community leaders from throughout the county since the proposal was first introduced in January,” said county administrator David Hemze. “We’ve taken that input and now have a plan that will fund pavement rehabilitation projects throughout the county and 26 construction projects over the next 20 years. In addition, we have a 30-year plan that includes eight additional projects.”

The funding proposal calls for using two new revenue sources – a half-percent transportation sales tax proposal that includes a $20 excise tax on vehicle purchases (vehicle purchases are exempt from the transportation sales tax) and an increase in the wheelage tax from the current $10 per vehicle to $20 per vehicle.

If the board passes the resolution, state law limits use of proceeds from a transportation sales tax to specific transportation projects.

The projects listed in the draft resolution include major pavement rehabilitation projects throughout the county and more than two dozen road construction projects.