NYA Public Services director ready to lead

New NYA Public Services Director Tony Voight is ready to lead the new division incorporating Public Utilities and Public Works. (Adam Gruenewald/The Times)

by Adam Gruenewald
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Anthony “Tony” Voight is up for the challenges of a brand new position with the City of NYA.
Voight recently started on March 15 as the director of the Public Services division, which incorporates both Public Works and Public Utilities.
As part of the reorganization of the Public Services Department, previous Public Works Director Brent Aretz will now be the public service lead under the direction of Voight.
Certainly up to the task, Voight, 35, said he is ready to lead the already experienced staff and bring some new ideas as well.
“I thought it was a good career change for me,” said Voight. “It just broadens my learning career. I like new challenges and this will definitely be a new challenge for me… New challenges and new endeavors, I just enjoy it.”
While somewhat young compared to some of his colleagues such as longtime Public Works Director and current Public Service Lead Brent Aretz and Dan Stender, Voight has plenty of experience.
A native of Arlington where he developed an interest in machinery growing up in the country with parents Elvis and Cherry and two sisters Nicole and Stephanie, Voight graduated from Glencoe-Silver Lake High School in 1999.
“Working with my hands has been my entire life,” he said, adding he enjoying tinkering with dirt bikes, 4-wheelers and go-karts as a kid. “I like motors, I like working outside, so it was kind of a fit.”
He then developed his skills working road construction at William Mueller and Sons in Hamburg, before switching to the public sector, most recently working with the City of Arlington as a maintenance supervisor.
“I worked with a few highway departments during that time that seemed to fit myself as a maintenance-orientated guy,”  he said. “I was used to working on roads and then rolled into the job.”
Now with the City of NYA, Voight said is eager to rise to the challenge of the new job.
“I’m working to try to get to know the routine and work with the guys,” he said. “It’s a lot to take in.”
While he doesn’t currently have the necessary water and wastewater licenses, NYA council members have said they selected Voight among five qualified candidates were interviewed, because of his ability to work with people and lead.
For his part, Voight said he remains intently focused on acquiring the necessary water and wastewater licenses as soon as possible.
“Right now I don’t hold any water or wastewater licenses but I’m working towards them,” he said. “I’m working closely with the guys down there every day and learning new things about the plant. That is high on the priority list to get the licenses and get acclimated to that whole area too.”
Looking ahead, Voight said he has some ideas to bring to the table to the new Public Services division, but also wants to take his time learning the many facets and equipment that he will oversee through the current employees.
“I’m trying to gain the knowledge of where they were at within the public works and kind of work and build on that,” he said. “We don’t have to reinvent the wheel, but can just build on what they’ve done in the past… Just to find a more efficient path and streamline things if it’s possible.”
Overseeing the Public Services division will give Voight all the opportunities he wants.
“I like learning lots of new things,” he said. “Public Works is just a very versatile field. It’s a lot of working with people and working outside and there’s always new challenges with keeping up infrastructure, keeping up roads and keeping up with budgets.”
In addition to reaching those challenge, Voight is an 8-year member of the Arlington Fire Department and he and his wife, Megan, have three kids, Josephine, 7, Eleanor, 5, and Adeline, 2.

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