Man gets prison in attempted kidnapping

By Staff Reports

A South St. Paul man has been sentenced to nearly four years in prison for attempted kidnapping and domestic assault, according to the Carver County Attorney’s Office.

Mark Anthony Galatowitsch, 28, was sentenced to 45 months on April 11 in Carver County District Court for assaulting and attempting to kidnap his girlfriend on Feb. 11.

Galatowitsch was originally charged with two counts of attempted kidnapping, assault with a dangerous weapon and felony domestic assault. As part of a plea agreement, Galatowitsch plead guilty to one count of attempted kidnapping and one count of felony assault in exchange for the dismissal of the other charges. The plea agreement calls for consecutive sentences on both charges.


According to the criminal complaint, Galatowitsch drove to General Mills in Chanhassen at 10 p.m. on Feb. 11 and waited in the parking lot for his ex-girlfriend to arrive at work. The two had dated for several months, according to the complaint, but she had broken off the relationship several weeks prior.

When she arrived in the parking lot, Galatowitsch surprised and confronted her, ordering her into his vehicle. When she refused and attempted to leave, Galatowitsch grabbed her and dragged her by the hair to his car. As he tried to force her into the vehicle, she struggled and Galatowitsch punched her several times in the head, according to the complaint.

The struggle caught the attention of a security guard and bystanders, and Galatowitsch fled in his vehicle.
Deputies interviewed the woman, who had an egg-sized lump on the back of her head where Galatowitsch had punched her, according to the complaint. She also said that Galatowitsch may have pulled a knife during the struggle.

A security camera at General Mills captured most of the incident. Deputies were able to trace Galatowitsch through his vehicle’s license plate and data gathered from his cellphone. A search of Galatowitsch’s after the incident turned up a box-cutter knife, according to the complaint.

Police in South St. Paul found Galatowitsch two days later hiding in a closet in his home. According to authorities, Galatowitsch had a box-cutter knife nearby.

In 2015, Galatowitsch was convicted of false imprisonment for assaulting a different woman at her place of work in Burnsville and forcing her into his car. He has also been convicted of criminal sexual conduct and violation of an order of protection.