LTE: Who did Paulsen serve with health care vote?

To the editor,
Rep. Erik Paulsen, who were you representing when you voted yes on the health care bill in the U.S. House of Representatives on May 4? You weren’t supporting people in Minnesota with prior existing conditions (the $8 billion in funds for only five years doesn’t fully protect them); you weren’t supporting Minnesotans who may reach a lifetime cap on the amount of care they receive; and you weren’t supporting all Minnesotans needing affordable health care. These are provisions which you previously stated needed to be in a bill if you were to support it. You weren’t even representing your constituents who believe in fiscal responsibility, since you voted for this bill before the Congressional Budget Office had time to determine and release projected costs.

Did you vote to please the Republican Party? The president? Big money donors? Minnesotans deserve representatives who stay true to their word. I believe you have not.

Paula Savage