Lindback awarded Central senior student of the month

Colby Lindback

Colby Lindback was nominated by Central High School staff and voted as Senior Student of the Month for May.
Criteria used for the selection was academic progress, responsibility, school spirit, personal growth and character.
Colby was chosen for the following reasons: “Colby is an absolute joy to have in class. He has a great attitude, is a hard worker, loves school and has a love for learning that goes beyond the school requirements. He is almost always happy, has a wonderful sense of humor, brightens any room the he enters, and rarely complains. He is friendly to everyone and truly enjoys being part of the school community. He is wise beyond his years and always concerned about others. He strives to complete every assignment handed to him”
Lindback’s plans after high school are to attend the transition program in Shakopee and hopefully learn some job skills. He also has an interest in taking some art classes as well.
His advice to underclassmen and peers is to always do your best work and look out for each other.
When asked what his hobbies and interests are, Lindback said that he enjoys assembling models, painting, and going to see movies, monster trucks and racing. His favorite classes at Central are social studies, art and science.
Colby is the son of Jeff and Kathy Lindback.