Residents reminded to take care of lawns

Residents are reminded to take of their lawns and other nuisances. (Adam Gruenewald/The Times)

Now that spring has sprung and summer is right around the corner, it is important that residents of Norwood Young America know what the City Code states as far as lawn mowing and other public nuisances.
A public nuisance is defined in Chapter 6 of the City Code as a person that:
• Maintains or permits a condition which unreasonably annoys, injures, or endangers the safety, health, morals, comfort or repose of any considerable number of members of the public; or
• Interferes with, obstructs, or renders dangerous for passage, any public highway or right-of-way, or waters used by the public; or
• Does any other act or omission declared by law or this ordinance to be a public nuisance.
So what does this really mean? Examples of public nuisances include weeds or grass growing to a height of 6 inches or more, accumulation of junk, trash and other debris and dead or fallen trees.
Chapter 7 of the City Code notes that junk or abandoned vehicles are also considered a public nuisance.  All vehicles must have current registration plates and be in operable condition.
If a property is found to not be within the City Code requirements, the city will send a letter to the property owner giving 10 days to become compliant.  If the property owner does not comply with the requirements, nor contacts the city for an extension, abatement procedures will begin.
During abatement procedures, the city will fine the property owner and remedy the nuisance (mow lawn, remove junk, tow vehicles, etc.) and all expenses will be charged to the property owner.  If the owner does not pay the fines and fees, the amount will be assessed on their property taxes and interest will accrue.
If you have any questions regarding the City Code, or if you would like to report a nuisance, please contact NYA City Hall at 952-467-1800.