Regular Meeting Tuesday,

May 09, 2017

Pursuant to due call and notice thereof, a regular meeting of the Watertown City Council was called to order at 6:30 p.m. on Tuesday, May 09, 2017 by Mayor Steve Washburn in the Council Chambers of Watertown City Hall.

Upon Roll Call the following Council Members were present: Steve Washburn, Deborah Everson, Lindsay Guetzkow, Adam Pawelk and Michael Walters. City Staff present: City Administrator Shane Fineran, City Clerk-Treasurer and City Planner Mark Kaltsas. Those who signed in were: Kent Roessler of Paxmar, Nancy and Lance Wetter, Paul and Sandi Peterson, Shelley and Darrel Holmes, Mark and Susan Gould, Randy and Char Masica, Charlotte Collins, Connie Theisen, Liz Gerads, and Katherine Lano.

2. Motion to adopt the agenda as presented. Motion carried 5-0.

3. Motion to adopt the consent agenda as presented. Motion carried 5-0.

5A. Motion to adopt Resolution 2017-53 approving the 2040 Comprehensive Plan Community Survey as modified. Motion carried 5-0.

5B. Item failed due to lack of motion.

7. Motion to approve the claims roster for 2017 as presented. Motion carried 5-0.

Meeting was adjourned at 8:53pm.

Steve Washburn, Mayor

ATTEST: Lynn Tschudi,

City Clerk-Treasurer

Note: These minutes are condensed for publication purposes. Discussion detail is contained in the official minutes which may be reviewed in the office of the Clerk-Treasurer during regular business hours.

Published in the

Carver County News

June 8, 2017


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