New activities director named at high school

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The end of this school year means that Tom Dasovich is no longer that Activities Director of Watertown Mayer Schools. Paul Syzmanski is taking his place.

“I can’t wait to get to know the staff and students, and for them to get to know

Paul Syzmanski

me” Syzmanski said.

Syzmanski has been in education for 25 years now. He said he never forget the influence teachers and coaches had on him as kid, he said he never saw himself doing anything else.

He said he was first a social studies teachers and basketball coach in North Dakota. There he because an Activities Director and Dean of Students. Syzmanski said in the time he took a brief timeout from teaching and entered an insurance career.

“I missed [teaching], it was fun but it wasn’t the same thing,” he said.

He then moved to Hutchinson, Wisconsin, where he was the activities director. He was there before accepting his position in Watertown. He said he was familiar with the Royals as a rival and a conference member.

“I knew it was a district that strives for success,” he said.

Syzmanski said he asks himself if new job prospects are a fit personally and professionally. He said he knew this position, was always a good fit.

“It’s a tremendous learning experience,” he said. “I grew up in the athletic world and now I’ve grown to experience the fine arts world.”

The fine arts, speech, theatre, music, all of which are skills and activities that should not be underestimated.

Syzmanski has been in and out of the WM High School since the beginning May. He says he has gotten the “30,00 ft. view” of the job. He said his goal for this year is to learn about what has been done here and how to incorporate his ideas.
“The job is the job, what makes it different is every school has it’s own uniqueness,” he said.

He said what has stood out to him so far is the quality of people he has met. He said everyone is focused on the students.

Though he is sure of thing, that being his love for this position. He said he will do his best to keep the recognition of students and faculty that has traditionally been in Watertown. He knows to do that he will have to be as aware as possible and will constantly gather information.

“Things I do will go unnoticed, but they will benefit the teachers, staff and students,” he said.

For the summer though, he wants to learn names and face. He said he will enjoy the constant stream of people he says he has coming in his office.