Local boy sets sights on fighting malnutrition in Haiti

By Jason Schmucker
[email protected]

Amasiah Stangret, center, is pictured with his parents, Brian and Lori, and dog, Agate. (Jason Schmucker/The Patriot)

It started with a letter to the mayor.

“I weigh 42.2# and I am 6 years old and I want to have a big party at the city park for Martin Luther King Jr. and I want everybody to make cupcakes. Your friend, Amasiah Jerome Stangret. I want to raise money for the kids in Haiti.”

The letter touched Waconia Mayor Jim Sanborn.

“You get a letter like that and you have to respond – it’s just such a cool thing,” Sanborn said.

Sanborn reached out to the Stangret family and got the ball rolling.

While the plans for Martin Luther King Jr. Day may have fallen through, Amasiah will be at City Square Park on Saturday with his cupcakes in an effort to raise money to fight malnutrition in Haiti.

The goal touches close to home for 6-year-old Amasiah – when he was adopted in 2011, he weighed only 9 lbs.

“I lived in Haiti and I know how important Haiti was and I knew Haiti didn’t have lots of money, so I just decided,” Amasiah said.

“Ami was from an orphanage in Haiti and he was there until he was 11 months old,” said Lori Stangret, Amasiah’s mother.

The event will benefit Espwa Berlancia, a malnutrition center on the island.

Cupcakes were an easy choice.

“Cupcakes are my favorite food, so I was just thinking everybody would like cupcakes,” he said.

On Saturday, Amasiah and his family and friends will be at City Square Park from 11 a.m. to 1 p.m. The event will feature cupcakes for sale, music by Traveled Ground (Amasiah’s favorite band), face-painting and sweet shaves.

Amasiah said the event is open to the whole community, and he hopes that people come out.

“I’m having a fundraiser at the park raising money for Haiti, if you want to come,” he said.

In the event of rain, the event will be moved to Freshwater Church.