LTE: Government should stay out of ‘recharging’ biz

To the editor,
In the July 10 edition of the Star Tribune, there was an article highlighting the renewed interest in providing public charging stations for electric car owners.

There should be no public policy that provides for free energy! If you decide to own an all electric vehicle, then you must work out the limitations and provide for your own source of “fuel.”

It is unconscionable that government should consider such a provision – conveniently located on a highway. With over 5.25 million registered vehicles in Minnesota, the 1,600 electric cars are a niche

There is an undertone of virtuousness that the car owner is combating climate change and shuns “dirty oil”.
Well, that electricity comes from some source and just doesn’t magically appear from an outlet.
There is a cost to equipment, maintenance, infrastructure and the generation of power. Government already provides for a tax rebate incentive, must they do more?

We all know that government meddles in social engineering and is not interested in efficiency. Exhibit 1: light rail.

Rather the marketplace should decide if there is any economic viability in providing for charging stations.
The heavy hand of public policy skews the market and another entitlement is

I hope the Republican controlled legislature acts immediately to stop this. If not, I’ll be expecting my free gasoline vouchers.

Joe Polunc