Veterans Memorial to be installed near Mayer

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The Carver County Rail Authority approved a veterans memorial to be installed near County Road 30 and Highway 25 near Mayer.

“Carver County has a long tradition of service and we’d like to see them honored,” said chair Tim Lynch.

Talks about the monument started back in February and the Carver County Veterans Memorial Registry(CCVMR) has been moving at full speed ahead. They’ve raised $185,000 so far and are continuing raise more. The memorial itself is $130,000 and they have put $13,000 towards the down payment so far.

The CCVMR is taking full responsibility for the memorial, only asking the county for help with snow removal and parking lot clean-up. The county was in true support, not even motioning to ask staff to move forward but telling them to “get it done”.

Stan Heldt with the CCVMR said that they are ready to move forward and are just waiting on the go-ahead from the county. Heldt said with the approval they should be able to show the board their plans within a few weeks and will start laying ground work for the site.

Some revenue for the monument comes from pavers, or engraved bricks, being purchased. Heldt said so far there have been purchases from vets in various parts of Minnesota, California, Colorado and Texas.
“It’s difficult to put a boundary on this, we are all now part of a U.S. wide memorial,” Heldt said.

To buy a paver veterans must have been honorably discharged from the military, but active duty members can purchase pavers as well.
Heldt said that his first priority is the monument, then they will continue to raise money. Though their support has been strong this far. Since June the CCVMR has raised $15,000 and the Chanhassen Lions are going to including them in a few of their events among additional support from other local organizations.

Now that the plan is approved Carver County staff has to finalize plans. Then phase one can begin. Heldt believes that they will be ready for phase two before they are done with phase one. He believes when people start seeing construction begin, then donations will resume.
Phase one includes underground electric and site grading. Phase two includes pavement, above ground electrical, flags and monument cement and phase three will be the final touches.

To donate to CCVMR to help with the veterans memorial visit