Jimmy John’s on the menu in Waconia

By Staff Reports

Waconia residents will soon get Jimmy John’s trademarked “freaky fast” service right at their doorsteps.

The national sandwich delivery chain will open at 140 Depot Drive in Waconia sometime this fall, according to operations manager Jackie Knodt-Suss. Knodt-Suss will be joined in the endeavor by her husband, Kevin Suss, and brother, Matt Knodt, who will be owners of the shop.

Knodt-Suss thinks the Jimmy John’s brand will be a good fit for Waconia.

“We have better quality meat, better quality bread, I think we’re just a better tasting sub,” she said. “And we have the freaky fast delivery.”

Knodt-Suss cited the shop’s proximity to Ridgeview Medical Center and Waconia’s ever-growing population as two factors to help drive the franchise’s delivery-based model.

“Delivery is going to be awesome,” Knodt-Suss said. “We’re going to be freaky fast delivery for the whole delivery area.”

The exact boundaries of that delivery area have not yet been determined, but Knodt-Suss said that residents in neighboring communities should not expect to get sandwiches delivered to their door. She said that even some Waconia residents may fall outside the store’s designated delivery zone.

“It won’t be all of Waconia,” she said. “It won’t be actually determined until closer to the store opening. At this point we don’t know the exact delivery area yet.”

Knodt-Suss said that the shop will begin hiring in the coming weeks and months.

“I’d say we’re probably looking to hire between 20 and 30 people,” she said. “That’s in-store and delivery drivers.”

Another looming question mark is the store’s hours – Knodt-Suss said that other Jimmy John’s typically are open from 10 a.m. to 10 p.m., but was unable to say for certain whether the Waconia location would follow that trend.

Local residents may notice the renovations currently ongoing at the site. Knodt-Suss said they expect to erect the Jimmy John’s signage this week, but warned residents not to get too excited just yet – that freaky fast delivery won’t start until later this fall.