LTE: It’s time to demand equality for everyone

To the editor,
Michele Bachmann and I agree on just one thing: We cannot be afraid to stand up for our beliefs.

Bachmann’s recent speech in Waconia has strengthened my desire to make sure that Christianity is not the only “acceptable” religion in our nation. I refuse to hold all Muslims, or any religion, accountable for the terrible actions of some.

I also believe that sexual identity or sexual orientation should not limit a person’s dreams to marry the one they love or to pursue any career – including one in the military. I will not be satisfied until we can all admit that racism still exists within ourselves and our communities. We can then work together to celebrate diversity and create equality.

I know that I am not the only one in our community to hold these beliefs. Join with me to fight for change. As Michele Bachmann said, “Be bold.”

Kim Breeden