CDA asks for $2.3 million

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The Carver County Community development Agency proposed a budget of $2.3 million dollars. That is $55,000 more than last year, Julie Frick with the CDA said that’s maximum amount they can ask for. The impact on a $320,700 valued home is an increase of $0.55 per year for a total tax of $51.60 in 2018.

“The County Board indicated their full support of the modest 2.4% increase in the Carver County Community Development Agency (CDA) levy. The CDA provides critical affordable housing and economic development services which compliment many of Carver County’s strategic initiatives,” said county chair Tim Lynch.

Julie Frick with the CDA says it’s still not enough for housing projects. Most of the CDA’s funding comes from grants and state housing programs.

Frick said the goal of the CDA is to provide affordable housing where the is a lack. The mission statement is: “The Carver County Community Development Agency provides affordable housing opportunities and fosters Community and Economic Development in Carver County.”

The CDA has 11 different housing opportunities right now. Six of those are based in Chaska, there are in Waconia, one in Chanhassen, Carver and Norwood Young America. The CDA also has seven available programs to assist residents.

Frick said the organization focuses on senior housing and homes for families that need assistance.

“When a family is stable, with stable housing kids do better – that’s the goal,” Frick said.

She said for this next year the CDA wants to work to provide joint partnerships with school districts. The hope is that families can receive vouchers for rent.
For seniors, Frick said they want to provide more housing locally so they can stay in the city they grew up in.

Frick said a lot of communities work with the CDA to make these things possible. They even take part in deferment programs one new housing is built. She said sometimes they can wait five to 10 years before it’s time to start paying some utilities back on buildings.

Frick is looking forward to this next year and is hopeful.

The budget and levy will be approved on September, 5 at the county board of commissioners meeting.