LTE: Sometimes, the old ways are the best

To the editor,
In response to the “White Out,” (Editor’s Note: See last week’s editions) it would be a shame if there wouldn’t be any more newspapers. Call me old fashioned, but I still enjoy opening a newspaper, real books, ect. Too many things are becoming a lost art.

Cursive is not being taught in schools is a shame. My grandkids can’t read a signed birthday card because they weren’t taught it in school.

My sister is a registrar at a large southern school. A student came in for some paperwork and she had to sign it. The student looked at the signature and asked her if it was a secret code. Pretty sad!

I read in the Star Tribune that Hennepin County will be adding pay phones to their government center again (kids will ask, “What is a pay phone?”). Not everyone has or can afford cellphones. Some of our kids don’t even know how to dial a regular phone. Invitations and thank-you notes are sent by computer, but not everyone has or can afford a computer, so people are being missed. What’s wrong with face-to-face conversation or regular mail?

Don’t get me wrong, computers are wonderful to a point. But please remember the basics – it’s good for everyone.

Chris Weiland