LTE: United States needs a better class of leaders

To the editor,
How can any human being with power and position use that power and position to create unrest, havoc and fear in hundreds of thousands of people throughout the world? With power and position should go intellect, responsibility, concern for fellow man, and forethought as to how actions and words will affect the lives of others!!

One’s ego should not be considered when words are being used. Words which can disrupt the lives of others and also lead to the loss of many, many, lives.

America has in the past, been considered a leader of nations. We must act now to keep that position by acting wisely and not letting any person or nation destroy our past efforts.

Wake up America! We must reverse the turmoil our nation now finds itself in. Vote for Term Limits, consider impeachment, eliminate electoral voting.

Americans must demand leaders who act wisely, speak wisely and intelligently, leaders who make us proud to be Americans, leaders who help us receive respect from other nations and who promote peace not havoc throughout the world!

Margaret Waterhouse