Summary of Ordinance No. 293

The City Council of the City Norwood Young America has adopted Ordinance 293, thereby amending Chapter 3, Section 350 of the City Code pertaining to Rental Licenses.

The purpose of this ordinance is to provide minimum standards to safeguard life or limb, health, and public welfare by regulating and controlling the use and occupancy, maintenance and repair of all buildings and structures within the City used for the purpose of rental housing. The purpose of this ordinance is not to create or otherwise establish or designate any particular class or group of persons who will or should be especially protected or benefited by the terms of this ordinance.

Effective Date: Ordinance No. 293 shall become effective upon its passage and publication according to law. The ordinance was adopted by the Norwood Young America City Council on August 28, 2017.

A complete copy of this ordinance is available for review at the Norwood Young America City Hall, 310 Elm Street W., Norwood Young America. If you have questions, contact the City at (952) 467-1800.

Submitted by:

Kelly Hayes

City Clerk/Treasurer

Published in the

Norwood Young America Times

September 7, 2017


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