Sidewalks, streets need attention from city

To the editor,

My husband and I have visited our friends who live in the beautiful city of Waconia a number of times during the past years. During our recent visit, we noticed that the streets and sidewalks have become more bumpy and broken in the older part of the town. This then became a topic of discussion as to why improvements would not have been made to enhance the city image, as they host many events — such as the county fair, marching bands, Nickle Dickle Day, marathons and lake attractions. They are also fortunate to have an excellent medical center and care facilities with supporting personnel.

Our friends indicate there is no lack of good maintenance equipment and they hope the new budget will cover the older section of town as well as the new

We do enjoy our visits and hospitality, and plan to be back again.

Purdelle and Dennis Feda,
Clarissa, Minnesota