Sun Patriot The Waconia Patriot, Carver County News and Norwood Young America Times Fri, 28 Nov 2014 19:48:24 +0000 en-US hourly 1 Sheriff’s Office responds to terroristic threats at Chanhassen school Fri, 28 Nov 2014 19:48:24 +0000 According to Carver County Sheriff Jim Olson, Sheriff’s Deputies responded to a complaint of terroristic threats at Minnetonka Middle School West in Chanhassen at approximately 4:17 p.m. on Tuesday, Nov. 25.

Deputies spoke with school officials who reported receiving an after-hours email on Friday Nov. 21, informing them of a potential threat to a list of students made by another student. The email was submitted by a concerned parent whose child’s name was on the list.


During the investigation the deputies learned that a male student (13 years old from Shorewood) developed a list of names and showed it to another male student (12 years old from Chanhassen) whose name was on the list and reportedly said, “This is a list of people I want to kill. Your name is in the middle of it.” The victim reported the incident to his mother, who subsequently reported it to school officials. School officials promptly began an investigation and then contacted law enforcement.

The child who allegedly developed the list of names was questioned by school officials upon returning to school and admitted to developing the list on an iPad. He said he has since deleted the file containing the names.

On Nov. 25, at about 8:45 p.m. the juvenile suspect was apprehended without incident. He was detained in the Carver County Juvenile Detention Center pending a hearing on Nov. 26. He is charged with Terroristic Threats, a felony, and 5th Degree Assault, a misdemeanor. Deputies seized the iPad and will have it examined by a deputy trained in computer forensics. The Sheriff’s Office is continuing to investigate this incident.

“We take these types of incidents very seriously and I will rigorously investigate every threat to the safety of our children,” Olson said.

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11-27-14 Down Memory Lane Thu, 27 Nov 2014 23:00:56 +0000 By Elsie Machtemes

10 Years Ago – Nov. 25, 2004

The top snowiest winters in this area were in 1983-84 with 98.6 inches of snow and 1981-82 with 95 inches of snow. The driest winters were in 1930-31 when there was 14.2 inches of snow and in 1894-95 with 16.2 inches of snow.

Samantha Konrady, daughter of Tom and Jean Konrady, Waconia, has been admitted to North Dakota State University “With Distinction.” She will enter NDSU in fall 2015 and plans to major in mass communication.

Waconia area holiday lighting displays are beginning to be seen. Note the display at the Stender residence on West Fourth Street.

A 100th birthday celebration open house for Ella Burandt will be held on Dec. 4 at Trinity Lutheran Church. Fireside Room, Waconia.

The 2004 girls’ volleyball team for Waconia High School was recognized for this past season’s achievements. All-conference went to Jenny Van Kirk, Chelsea Honebrink and Anna Philp. Kelsey Paulson and Liz Fischbach received Honorable Mention. Keli Leivermann was Most Improved.

The Waconia Wildcats wrestling team are relying on the leadership of senior captains Ben Timm and Aaron Cook to help defend last season’s title. The Wildcats were undefeated in the Wright County Conference last season (7-0).

It won’t be difficult to identify the Waconia boys’ basketball team this season. The Wildcats might be the tallest in the conference this year. Six players are 6 feet, 3 inches or taller, according to Coach Pat Hayes. “We’d be fools if we didn’t use that size to our advantage.” Senior members on the team include: Patrick Deering, Josh Rutz, Jordan Peters, Adam Erickson, Jake Schieffer and Eric Butteris.

25 Years Ago – Nov. 23, 1989

Waconia’s Ron Goetz, a linebacker for the Minnesota Gophers, played his last home game before fans at the Metrodome this past weekend. The Gophers lost the game against Big Ten rival Michigan, but can still log a winning season with a win over Iowa this weekend.

Ballet comes to Waconia. Shannon Haas of Cologne, Susan Kurtz of Norwood and Elizabeth Cook of Young America will perform in the Corps de Ballet which will be held at the Waconia High School Auditorium on Dec. 3. The girls are students of Sue Gunness of Waconia.

Ida Olson is 100 years old. She and her husband Carl once owned the farm in Laketown Township on which St. Paul Bible College on County Road 30 is now located.

Jim Gilbert of Waconia has co-authored with consulting meteorologist Bruce Watson a new publication that is a companion piece of the popular Minnesota Weather Guide. It is the new Minnesota Weather Guide Engagement Calendar.

Mayer – The Mayer Lutheran High School volleyball team finished second in the Tri-Valley Conference and had three senior members named all-conference. They are: Becky Bartz, Traci Mueller and Heidi Kloempken. Six young men were named to the football all-conference team. They are: Steve Jensen, Craig Wachholz, John Cook, Tim Jopp, Brett Helgeson and Clint Zellmann.

50 Years Ago – Nov. 6, 1964

Larceny of tools from the Jerome Kelzer farm in Laketown Township occurred during the day, Nov. 15. Tools included in the theft consisted of S & K socket set with a green metal case valued at $60.00. Other wrenches taken were valued at $50. The County Sheriff’s Department investigation report lists a Cadillac as the vehicle used.

The Waconia Chapter of the FFA held their annual Corn Drive for Camp Courage. They collected $447.25 in corn and money. The following contributed the use of their trucks: Ben Anderson, Germain Buesgens, Simon Boll, Herman Eggers, Harry Hartung, Leonard Hoen, Jack Kirsch, Hubert Kelzer, Erland Loehrs, Harvey Radde, Florian Segner, Henry Schwartz, Fred Schrupp and Otto Wolter.

The Waconia Jaycees working with project chairman Ira Lenz will be putting up a 30 foot Christmas tree in Waconia for the holiday season. This tree, with lights, will be situated on the bank corner.

Masses will be in English during the main part of the service beginning this Sunday at St. Joseph parish in Waconia. The decision was made from the Vatican in Rome. The changeover from Latin will allow fuller participation by the parishioners.

The Pleasant Valley Homemakers met at the home of Mrs. Warren Kratzke. There were 17 members present. A lesson on “Parties” was given by Junia Hilgers and Irene Stahlke. A delicious lunch was served by Junia Hilgers, Irene Stahlke and Marcella Kratzke. At our next meeting Verna Gutzke and Violet Luebke will present a lesson on “Good Grooming”. Violet Luebke, Secretary.

The long dormant Waconia Chiefs cagers upset the Chaska Hawks 54-52. David Hilgers finished the game as high point man with 28. Defensive player of the week was Ron Logelin.

75 Years Ago – Nov. 23, 1939

Cologne – Don Williams was treated at Dr. Osmond’s office for injuries sustained when he caught his finger in a circle saw and lost his thumb.

The Minnesota State medical Association’s Committee on Public Health Education warns whether you have the “grip” or “flu” stay in bed. The term grip is used to designate a mild case, while influenza or “flu is the term used when the illness is acute and comes in epidemics. There is some hope that a serum for treatment and possible a vaccine may sometime be developed for “flu.”

Waconia is to have a modern bowling alley to be located in the William Ehrenberg garage building across the street from the city hall. Wm. Ehrenberg, the owner of the building, bought three new bowling alleys of the latest type, and these will be installed in the building.

St. Bonifacius- THURK BROS. CHEVROLET: The special De Luxe Sport Sedan – $659. Bumper Guards extra on Master 81 Series.

Beer Promotes Prosperity and Moderation: Bohemian Club, Fitger, Fleckenstein, Gluek, Grain Belt, Hamm, Hauenstein, Jordan, Karlsbrau, Kato Kiewel, Peoples, Peter Pub, Schell, Schmidt and Yoerg.

100 Years Ago – Nov. 27, 1914

THE WACONIA PATRIOT: $1.25 a year, or $1 in advance.

Joseph Kuntz of Michigan, who has been visiting with the Kuntz families in this village, while calling on the Classen family near New Germany, found a shell in a small creek near their farm. Mr. Kuntz’ experience acquired in Germany in the pearl industry prompted him to investigate the particular shell in the stream and his suspicions were rewarded with a pearl growth about the size of a pea. The jewel is perfectly formed and after receiving the attention of pearl experts it will be worth about $150. The concretion is well rounded and has a brilliant luster with varying tints.

Although the weather man is dishing out a rather mild form of fall atmosphere the lake has frozen over with a thickness of about three inches of ice. Parents should warn their children to beware of skating on thin ice. In 1911 the lake froze over on Nov. 13.

One of the teachers at a school north of here “beat up” one of the pupils so hard that the skin was broken thru on the back. She was forced to resign as sentiment was strong against her, so it is alleged. Some of them should have quit the teaching profession long ago instead of trying to knock the stuffins out of somebody else’s child.

John P. Fischer, proprietor of the Sherman House, is recovering from an attack of blood poisoning on one of his hands which set in after a minor scratch sustained by coming in contact with a rusty nail.

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Stuff-A-Truck food drive surpasses goal for 2014 Thu, 27 Nov 2014 15:30:53 +0000 Volunteers unload donations for the 2014 STuff-A-Truck food drive at the Waconia United Food Shelf on Friday, Nov. 13. (Patriot photo by Todd Moen)

Volunteers unload donations for the 2014 STuff-A-Truck food drive at the Waconia United Food Shelf on Friday, Nov. 13. (Patriot photo by Todd Moen)

Thanks to the generous donations of area citizens and the dedication of those involved with the effort, the 2014 Stuff-A-Truck Food Drive organized by Mackenthun’s Fine Foods collected 20,472 lbs of food for area food shelves — including the Watertown Friends for Life, Waconia United and Southwest Carver food shelves, an amount that surpassed the goal of 20,000 pounds.

The food drive started Oct. 17 and ran through Nov. 14. This year, 14 schools and three day care centers participated.  Almost 450 collection boxes were distributed to participants and each of the day care centers used one of Mackenthun’s grocery carts for collection. Mackenthun’s customers are also participating by making cash donations at the registers and buying pre-bagged groceries for donation.

The donations were collected from the day care centers on Thursday, Nov. 13, with the rest of the donations being collected on Friday, Nov. 14. United Farmer’s Cooperative again provided a truck and driver for the day and KleinBank provided its trailer, too. Delivery to the area food shelves began that afternoon.

Each year, Mackenthun’s Fine Foods, area schools, local businesses, organizations and the community at large team up to help hungry families each holiday season. Over the past 11 years, the annual Stuff-A-Truck Food Drive collected over 215,000 pounds of food, paper and personal care products for our local food shelves.

The Stuff-A-Truck Food Drive comes at a crucial time for the food shelves as they address the growing needs within our communities and prepare for the coming holiday season.

To learn more, contact one of the Stuff-A-Truck volunteers at (952) 442-5765 or email

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Nathan – Geeky glasses, Dumbo ears and a great teacher Thu, 27 Nov 2014 14:00:15 +0000 By Joe Nathan

One of my saddest and happiest days in school was the first day I wore my glasses, in the third grade. I already disliked my ears, which stuck out, and now I was the only kid with glasses. I felt super ugly and hated the idea of going to school.

Fortunately, a teacher intervened. She was the kind of teacher you might want to thank and encourage your children or grandchildren to thank over the Thanksgiving break. She didn’t just teach the “3 Rs.” She also taught compassion.

In the second grade, some youngsters decided that my ears merited the title “Dumbo Joe” or “Dumbo ears.” Some of you may remember Dumbo as a Walt Disney movie character. He was an elephant with very large ears.

This was decades ago, before there was widespread understanding of how much damage bullying could cause. I remember not wanting to go to recess, where some classmates would call out “Here comes Dumbo Joe” or ask if I could fly with my big ears, as Dumbo learned to do. I thought things would get even worse with glasses. No one else in my class wore them. I don’t remember if we used the word “geek” in those days. But I sure felt different and dumb when I looked at myself in the mirror with those glasses. I strongly resisted them, even when tests showed I’d be able to see much more clearly.

The first day I went to school with glasses was really bad. I tried telling my parents that I was too sick, but they knew the real problem. They tried to encourage me, but I still felt terrible.

Perhaps one of my parents called my teacher to tell her about the glasses and ask for her help. I don’t know. What I do know is that the teacher welcomed me that day and said something nice about the glasses. She also may have asked a few of my classmates to say something positive about them. I was stunned and shocked when two students asked to look at the glasses during recess. One said they were “cool.” In fact, one of them said he could see a bit farther with them, too. A few months later, he also had glasses.

All this happened more than five decades ago, but I still remember that teacher’s kindness. Years later I wrote her a “thank you” note.

That brings me to something you might do during the upcoming Thanksgiving and mid-winter holidays.

You might pick 30 minutes to do three things. First, you could describe a teacher who made a big difference in your life. Then you could ask your youngsters (children or grandchildren) to describe something a teacher has done that made them happy or helped them learn more than they thought possible. Then you could write a brief “thank you” note to one or two teachers and help your youngsters do the same. It might be via a formal, handwritten note, or it might be via email.

Either way, you’re modeling something that will help your youngster for years. Thanking others is good both for the person sending and the person receiving the message.

Whether it’s about making it easier to deal with “geeky glasses” or ears sticking out, teaching someone to read or helping them understand an algebra formula, teachers often provide huge help for young people. This is a great time to tell them.

Joe Nathan, formerly a Minnesota public school teacher, administrator and PTA president, directs the Center for School Change. Reactions are welcome at

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PHN – ORDINANCE Thu, 27 Nov 2014 12:21:21 +0000 CITY OF HAMBURG
Notice is Hereby Given that the Hamburg City Council will hold a Public Hearing on Tuesday, December 9th, 2014 at 6:45 p.m. at the Hamburg Community Center at 181 Broadway Ave., Hamburg, MN.
The reason for the Public Hearing is to receive comments on Ordinance Number 148 for establishing City Fees for the 2015 Calendar Year. City Council Meeting to follow Public Hearing.
If you have any questions or concerns about this hearing or would like to see the ordinance feel free to attend this hearing, call the City Offices at (952) 467-3232 or write in advance to the City of Hamburg, 181 Broadway Ave., Hamburg, MN 55339.
Jeremy Gruenhagen
City Clerk-Treasurer

11/27/14, 3NYA, PHN
Ordinance 148, 316659

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PHN – TRUTH IN Thu, 27 Nov 2014 12:21:17 +0000 Notice of Public Hearing
Truth In Taxation
The City of
Norwood Young America
The City of Norwood Young America will hold a public hearing on its budget and on the amount of property taxes it is proposing to collect to pay for the costs of services the city will provide for fiscal year 2015.
Attend the Public Hearing
All City of Norwood Young America City residents are invited to attend the public hearing of the City Council to express their opinions on the budget and on the proposed amount of 2015 property taxes. The hearing will be held on:
Monday, Dec. 8, 2014 at 6:30 p.m.
Norwood Young America City Hall
310 Elm Street West
Norwood Young America
Diane Frauendienst,
City Clerk-Treasurer

11/27-12/4/14, 3NYA, PHN Truth In Taxation, 316649

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OCT 13 REG Thu, 27 Nov 2014 12:18:39 +0000 Minutes of Regular Meeting
The Board of Trustees
Waconia Public Schools
A Regular of the Board of Trustees of Waconia Public Schools was held Monday, October 13, 2014, beginning at 7:00 PM in the Waconia City Council Chambers. Call to order by Chair Rothstein at 7PM. Members present: Rothstein, Weinand, Bullis, Thom, Griffin Members absent: Erickson, Varble
MOTIONS approve (unanimous)
1. Adopt agenda
2. Minutes of Sept. 8 and Sept. 22 meetings
3. Consent agenda:
Bills and wire transfers
Personnel items:
New Hires:
Daniel Deitering .897FTE Social Studies Teacher (new position based on increased enrollment)
Annalisa Klein PT Educational Assistant (replacement)
Abby Marten PT Kids Co Aide (new position based on increased enrollment)
Deb Willsey PT ECFE Teacher (replacement)
Christina Johnson PT Educational Assistant (replacement)
Doug Ombati PT Kids Co Lead (new position based on increased enrollment)
Aaron Bayley PT Kids Co Lead (new position based on increased enrollment)
Erin McDannold PT Nutritional Assistant (replacement)
Employee Status Change
Rick Wagener Assistant Kitchen Manager (7.5 hrs/day to 8.0 hrs/day) due to increased enrollment
Andrea Mathwig Teacher Assistant (31hrs/week to 33.5 hrs/week) (replacement)
Karen Whalen ECFE Teacher Assistant (22.5hrs/week to 28.5hrs/week) (replacement)
Christine Pedretti ECFE Parent Educator (26hrs/week to 28hrs/week) (replacement)
Heather Carlson ECFE Childrens Teacher (21hrs/week to 24hrs/week)
Carol Miller ESP (7.0 hrs/day to 7.25hrs/day) (new position based on enrollment)
Karen Maiser ESP (6.5hrs/day to 6.75hrs/day) (new position based on student enrollment)
Bridget Hale Kids Co Lead (add 6.65hrs/week) (replacement)
Marilyn Laulainen ECFE Coordinator (7hrs/day to 7.5hrs/day) (replacement)
Mary Weber Rainbow Preschool Teacher (add ECFE Childrens Teacher +4hrs/day) (replacement)
Katie Keogh LA Teacher (add overload Tri 1) (replacement)
Nichole Drees
Bonnie Pilgram
Leaves of Absence
Erin Treffry
Rita Hoppenrath
Jillian Kruger
Leah Pierce
Approve Assurance of Compliance Certificate
Receipts of Donation
$2000 donated by Target Corporation to cover the cost of Copper Street Bass Quintet for High School Band Department.
$5,290 donated by SV PTO for Art display promoting child activity, good nutrition, seed-to-plate, and Welcome to Southview signage
Joint Powers Agreement with Crown College for PSEO Tuition Billing
4. Approve Extended Field Trip and Travel Oakbrooke, IL
5. Approve International Field Trip and Travel – France
6. Adopt Resolution of Support for Application to MSHSL Foundation
7. Adjournment
Meeting adjourned at 8:03PM. The preceding is a summary of the official transcript on file at the District Office located at 512 Industrial Blvd, Waconia, MN.
Expenditures by Fund:
Gen Fund 1,867,417.
Food Serv 90,642.
Com Ed 162,276.

Jessica Kilian

11/27/14, 3WP, Oct 13 Reg Min, 316123

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SEPT 22 SPEC Thu, 27 Nov 2014 12:18:35 +0000 Minutes of Special Meeting
The Board of trustees
Waconia Public Schools
A Special Meeting of the Board of Trustees of Waconia Public Schools was held Monday, September 22, 2014, beginning at 7:00PM in the Educational Services Center. Call to order by Chair Rothstein at 7PM. Members present: Rothstein, Weinand, Varble, Thom, Erickson, Griffin, Bullis Members absent: none
MOTIONS approved (unanimous)
1. Adopt agenda
2. Board Policies: 514, 506, 708
3. Certify Levy for 2015 Payable 2014
4. Adjournment
The meeting adjourned at 7:15PM. The preceding is a summary of the official transcript on file at the District Office located at 512 Industrial Blvd. Waconia, MN.
Jessica Kilian

11/27/14, 3WP, Sept 22 Spec Min, 316111

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SEPT 8 REG Thu, 27 Nov 2014 12:18:29 +0000 Minutes of Regular Meeting
The Board of Trustees
Waconia Public Schools
A Regular of the Board of Trustees of Waconia Public Schools was held Monday, September 8, 2014, beginning at 7:00 PM in the Waconia City Council Chambers. Call to order by Chair Rothstein at 7:00PM. Members present: Rothstein, Weinand, Varble, Bullis, Thom, Erickson
Members absent: Griffin
MOTIONS Approved (unanimous)
1. Adopt amended agenda
2. Minutes of the Aug. 11 Regular meeting
3. Consent Agenda
bills and wire transfers
Personnel Items:
Employee Status Changes:
Julie Anderson Educational Assistant 6hrs/week to Due Process Clerk 21hrs/week (replacement)
Patricia Henslin .5FTE Counselor add .5FTE 6th Grade Teacher (replacement)
Patrick Lenton .68FTE Phy Ed Teacher to .74FTE (due to increased enrollment)
Alyssa Larsen .88FTE Social Studies Teacher to 1.0FTE (due to increased enrollment)
Megan Jacob .67FTE Computer Business Teacher to .92FTE (replacement)
Michelle Felt Educational Assistant 6hrs/day to 6.5hrs/day (due to increased enrollment)
Kris Raether Custodial Cleaner to Custodial Maintenance (replacement)
Lisa Gentz Custodian 5hrs/day to 8hrs/day (replacement)
Dana Gentz Custodain 5hrs/day to 8hrs/day (replacement)
Brian Quaas Custodain 6hrs/day to 8hrs/day (replacement)
New Hires:
Kaitlin Thompson 1.0FTE Elementary Teacher (new position based on increased enrollment)
Kristy Klaphake 1.0FTE LD Teacher (replacement)
Kristin Blinkhorn Part-Time Educational Assistant (due to increased enrollment)
Michelle Langer Part-Time Educational Assistant (due to increased enrollment)
Sheila Noble Full-Time Educational Assistant (due to increased enrollment)
Peyton Maas Kids Co Aide (replacement)
Isabella Cabrera Kids Co Aide (replacement)
Nicole Bakke Kids Co Aide (replacement)
Amber Dagget Kids Co Aide (replacement)
Elizabeth Schamber Kids Co Aide (replacement)
Long-Term Substitute:
Christine Sellnow (Jensen)
Jennifer Rohde (Drees)
Leaves of Absence
Megan Genz
Sue Forster
Suzanne Anderson
Bob Lindemann (30+years)
Kevin Zimmermann
Receipts of Donation
$3,000 donated by Waconia Lions for high school cross country uniforms
$2,500 donated by SV PTO for technology at SV
$2,094 donated by SV PTO for Accelerated Reader Program at SV
$2,500 donated by Waconia Lions for high school swim score table
$1,000 donated by Waconia West Carver Rotary for Check & Connect Mentor Program at Clearwater
$500 donated by Waconia Lions Club for Bayview Supplies
$25 donated by Lynn and Donna Wulf for Bayview School Supplies
Joint Powers Agreement with MN State University – Mankato for PSEO Tuition Billing
4. Preliminary Field Trip Approvals for FCCLA
5. Adjournment
The meeting adjourned at 7:51PM. The preceding is a summary of the official transcript on file at the District Office located at 512 Industrial Blvd, Waconia.
Expenditures by fund:
Gen Fund 1,285,436
Food Serv 15,684
Com Ed 81,404

Jessica Kilian

11/27/14, 3WP, Sept 8 Reg Min, 316096

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REVENUES & Thu, 27 Nov 2014 12:15:22 +0000
Download as PDF

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